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Stacken - The Club

Stacken is a computer club for students and staff at KTH. The goal is to provide a more independent way of absorbing computing knowledge than through the scools courses.

Founded in 1978, the club is a part of the Student Union at the KTH. We have a club room on floor 2 in the Q-building (to the left and down one flight of stairs from the main entrance), in former terminal room XQ7 (50:16 A:237). Q-Huset has entrances at Osquldas väg 6 next to the restaurant and at Drottning Kristinas Väg 53C at the bridge that crosses the Roslagsbanan light rail line.

We meet continously in TokKOM. On thursday evenings we usualy gather somewhere to eat, after deciding on where in (ställen att) äta mat (på) in TokKOM. After eating, we go to the club room and hack away the rest of the night.

Today, the club has about 250 members, doing everything from building computers to programing at all levels, systems support, networking, courses, ... We are connected to sunet, giving access to computers around the world.

The Board

This is the board of Stacken 2012:

Stefan Berggren ‹nsg› <ordf@stacken.kth.se>
Vice chair
Mikael Auno ‹auno› <vordf@stacken.kth.se>
Stellan Lagerström ‹stellanl› <kass@stacken.kth.se>
Per Eriksson <sekr@stacken.kth.se>
Board members
Magnus Danielson ‹magda›
Richard Levitte ‹levitte›
Rasmus Kaj ‹kaj›

The easiest way of contacting the board is through email to <styrelsen@stacken.kth.se>.

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