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There are a lot of projects driven by Stacken, or participated in by Stacken members. This is an attempt to list them:



AFS is the global filesystem. Arla is a free implementation of an AFS client for many platforms.

Kerberos / Heimdal

Kerberos is a very widely used authentication system. Heimdal is a free Kerberos 5 implementation developed largely by Stacken.


Yxa is SIP software written in Erlang. Yxa is both a transaction stateful SIP stack, and a set of SIP server applications.


A nice telnet application with kerberos authentication for windows, written by Thomas Nyström. KTelnet also includes an FTP client and a KPOP gateway.


monotone is a free distributed version control system. It provides a simple, single-file transactional version store, with fully disconnected operation and an efficient peer-to-peer synchronization protocol.


A number of Stacken members are contributors / comitters to OpenBSD, one of the free operating systems (partially) derived from 4.4BSD.


OpenSSL is a free implementation of Secure Sockets Layer, enabeling authentication and encryption to web, mail, and other internet transactions. OpenSSH is one project using it.

GNU on VMS project

Bringing the GNU programs of FSF to the VMS operating system. Mainly by Richard Levitte and a group of testers on the net.


AlexMUD is a popular MUD running at Stacken, and one of the longest continously running MUDs at all.


Duff is a Unix command-line utility for quickly finding duplicates in a given set of files. Duff is written in C and should compile on most modern Unices.


GLFW is a portable framework for OpenGL application development, providing an interface to windows, input devices, timers and more.


HS is a tool for generating DNS zone file from a HOSTS.TXT.


Parrot is a virtual maching for effectively running byte code for interpreted languages, mainly Perl 6.


Passepartout is an Open Source Desktop Publishing application for the Unix / Gnome environment.


Some Stacken members are active in the english and swedish wikipedia.

Other projects


A lekstuga could be defined as a small house (preferably red) where you can be yourself for a little while. In reality, lekstugan.net is game servers and fora.

The secret comics database

A searchable text archive for webcomics.


Jargon aims to create a dictionary of Swedish hacker vocabulary. This is a distributed project over Sweden.

The Baltic project

Thanks to Stacken, many of the universities in the Baltic region were able to upgrade their Russian PDP-11 copies to (then) modern VAXen and SUNs running VMS or Unix.


A forum (in Swedish) for people who like to write.


Stacken has been testing and using IPv6 for a long while.


The primary system for comunicating within Stacken.


The book that cross references commands of different operating systems.

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