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Vem kan man kontakta när man har problem?

Questions and requests

If you don't find the answer to your question on these pages, or you just want to get in touch for more details, please mail <for-support@stacken.kth.se> (just remember to never tell anyone, including us, your password).

You can also visit or club room (we're there mainly on thursday evenings, you can call 08-791 87 97 to see if there is anyone there).

Expand a email-adress

Just use the web-form below, or drop a mail to <postmaster@ths.kth.se>.


We have written a short introduction (in swedish) to how to manage a majordomo list if you are a list-owner.

Lost password

If your password is not working anymore, do not send the password to us in an email. If you do, you have violated the agreement you had to sign when you got your account, and we are forced to block your account until you can get a new password in a secure way. This is the way it works at all KTH departments.

Instead, send a mail to <for-support@stacken.kth.se>. Please state the following information:

Please note that Stacken is a nonprofit club and we provide this service on our spare time, so we do not have a fulltime staff that can serve you with a password within 10 minutes. The best time to get accounts and passwords is generally in the Stacken clubroom on thursdays between 19.00 and 23.00. However, if you send a request to <for-support@stacken.kth.se>, you might be able to make an appointment with someone.

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