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Almost full volumes

AFS volumes in need of housekeeping. Clean them up or make them larger ...

Name Server Part Used Quota
M.F.klubbrekyl beef.stacken.kth.se b 99% 1.5 GB
ftp.free.pc98 fishburger.stacken.kth.se b 100% 2.0 GB
ftp.obsd.snap.P.alpha kvikklunsj.stacken.kth.se c 99% 5.0 GB
ftp.obsd.snap.vax beef.stacken.kth.se a 95% 500.0 MB
mysql.bup kvikklunsj.stacken.kth.se b 99% 10.0 GB

Note; volumes larger than 2GB currently can't be backed up, so keep volumes that should have backup smaller than that!

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