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What runs where?

This is an attempt to summarize what services runs where at Stacken.

Some information listed below might be outdated.

this file
Built from source in www/src/content/computing/whatrunswhere.xml, in the Stacken CVS repository
Vldb servers run on milko, hot and fishburger
Fileservers as displayed here.
anoncvs for OpenBSD
Runs on anoncvs, with the name anoncvs.se.openbsd.org pointing to it.
anoncvs for Stacken src repository and Passepartout
Also on anoncvs.
AFS backup is handled by PDC. Contact staff if you need files rescued
mr-squid (aka konsnoll) is the console server for server machines
On ns (aka sill). The configuration is in /afs/stacken.kth.se/admin/domain/.
kulthea, alex and brighteyes run MUD servers
karelin, anastaisa and natasha run CounterStrike servers
murmansk is somehow involved also
hardware emulation
PDP/11 emulation on elvira. TOPS emulation on tapas.
ipv6 tunnel
lucy runs GIF tunnel endpoints
fluffy is the kerberos primary
gromit is the kerberos secondary.
sous-vide (virtual on teller-ulam) runs a LysKOM server. Started and nanny:ed by lyskom's cron file.
ivy-king (virtual on teller-ulam)
haagen-dazs was the web server
ben-and-jerrys is the new web server
brev is the main MX and POP server for Stacken
imap runs IMAP for interested users
tapas runs the mailman server.
stroganov performs some mail magic.
vingummi will in the fullness of time run all mail functions.
The user auto's crontab on discoboll. Includes network, afs health, weblogs and other kind of measures.
Some web statistics are part of the stacken web build.
Runs from the user mirror's crontab on discoboll.
kvantitet is the printer in the terminal room. It speaks PostScript and FTP
kvalitet is the other printer in the terminal room. It speaks PostScript and FTP
On discoboll.
gustavskorv is the main shell machine
tapas is a shell machine that runs FreeBSD
On sql.stacken.kth.se (currently igloo) as mysql daemon, started from /usr/local/etc/rc.d as normal for the FreeBSD mysql port. To get your own database, talk with Levitte.
Request Tracker
RT runs on chocoant, which is a virtual machine on pony.
igloo is the main web server. The daemon is started from /usr/local/etc/rc.d as normal for the FreeBSD apache port. The content for www.stacken.kth.se is updated from cron, as the user www on igloo.
cookie will inherit the web 'soon'
Alex runs the webserver for AlexMUD
Olga runs lekstugan.net
Tiramisu runs www.d.kth.se

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