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IMAP at Stacken

Stacken now has an IMAP server that can be used by members who want a more modern way of handling email than POP3


IMAP is a way of accessing mail stored remotely. It's a replacement for POP, where mail is fetched from the mail server and stored locally, with a lot of features such as ACL's and shared folders. It's greatest advantage is that mail folders are stored on the server, allowing multiple clients to access the same messages

Stacken runs Cyrus IMAPD, which also supports Kerberos POP (if one is so inclined), along with natively supporting Kerberos authentication. Another feature is server-side mail filtering with Sieve

How do I access my email?

Use the server imap.stacken.kth.se. If you aren't using Kerberos / GSSAPI authentication, you also need to use SSL and enter your normal login password

How do I get an account

Ask an admin to run /afs/stacken.kth.se/admin/mail/imap/createmailbox $USER for you, and then echo $USER@imap.stacken.kth.se to your .forward file (which should live in Public with a symlink from your $HOME).

How do I create new mailboxes?

Using cyradm, found in the cyrus-imapd module in Stacken's Solaris 9 environment

Who's responsible?

ian is mostly responsible for IMAP@Stacken

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