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About the Stacken web

How to get the most out of the Stacken web site.


All our pages have a navigation menu (to left or at the end of the page, depending on your choice of stylesheet). It consists of a number of different sub-menues by the principle of near links first. The first group is to headings of This page. After that comes links to related pages (in this case, Manuals and other helpful things) and last to the main pages of Stacken.


Stacken uses CSS to give the web its graphical looks. This means we can provide a number of diferent styles for you to chose from:

When you want the content and no extra fluff. Also suitable for reading on a PDA or similar.
An attempt to be both good looking and user friendly.
Red Beam
The now classic look of the Stacken web site below the red I-beam.
Ok, you have to have something other than black xterms on the screen. But stuff can at least have the decency to look like black xterms. This is the style for you who whish you were running lynx (if you really are running lynx, you don't need any style sheet at all).
Kanske nästa defaultutseende?
Same form as Orange, but pale gray. Possibly more restful? Or plain boring?

If your browser has javascript enabled, you can swith style with the links above. If your browser supports selecting alternate stylesheets, you can use that functionality. Since all browsers seems to lack the ability to remember which stylesheet was selected across links, we use som javascript and a cookie to remember that for you (so if you want another look than simple, you should enable both cookies and javascript, at least for www.stacken.kth.se).

Any browser, W3C HTML 4.01, W3C CSS, §.
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